A Fly’s Best Day: A Short Story

Betty was in her garden digging a hole. She was alone except for a solitary fly circling her. Occasionally Betty would stop digging and swat the fly. “Go away,” she told it, to no avail.

The fly was startled several times that this person was swatting at it. Flies like people, why don’t people like flies? While Betty was digging again, the fly circled her several times looking for an open piece of skin to land on. Betty, being an old lady, was covered with dead skin, which flies love eating. So many wrinkles to explore and gross human grossness to suck up. How could a fly not like Betty?

But Betty was vigilant. Every time our little fly came in for a landing, Betty would swat it away. Betty was not an angry person, but those swats had anger in them. While circling Betty, the fly noticed drops of water falling off her cheeks.

The fly circled down to the ground, found where the drops of water landed, and hit the jackpot! These little drops of water from Betty’s face were salty! Flies like salt. Our little fly happily partook of the salty goodness. Betty’s digging stirred up the ground, making the fly nervous. The fly had to move off again.

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