Most Trusted Professions: Doctors vs. Clergy

A recent poll showed that the top two most trusted professions in the US are

#1 Doctors, and
#2 Nurses

At the same time, a new study came out showing that the third leading cause of death in the US is Medical Error!

Put those two together. The third leading cause of death is medical error. Who might you think does this Medical Error? Doctors and Nurses perhaps? Yet Doctors and Nurses are the most trusted professions in our country!

Meanwhile, Clergy is sixth! Clergy don’t even kill people! At least not routinely.

Now I understand why clergy have fallen in this poll drastically over the years. There are a fair number of clergy that are in it for money and power. Unfortunately, there are also clergy members who take advantage of vulnerable people to everyone’s demise.

Clergy trust should be falling if you’re at all paying attention.

But to put doctors and nurses at the top? They kill people routinely now. What gives?

I think it is largely our obsession with health and wellness. The modern health movement strikes me as cult-like and religious. Doctors and nurses are our new priests.

Few people call their clergyman when they are spiritually hurting, yet everyone and their mother calls the doctor any time some odd physical thing pops up. How many appointments have you made with your doctor the last year versus how many appointments with clergy to go over your spiritual health? Parents rush their kids to the doctor all the time. It’s been a while since a parent rushed a kid to me.

Is it a matter of trust, or a matter of what people care about?

I don’t trust people in general, no matter what profession they are in. The Bible tells me so, “Put not your trust in man” said the Psalmist, and Psalmist is a very trustworthy profession.

There’s an old saying, “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” Excellent advice. It’s why I don’t go to the doctor. They will find something wrong. The healthiest people are those who don’t go to the doctor! Look it up, it’s true.

My preference would be to have all professions tied for last in trustworthiness.

Think. Test the spirits. Analyze and decipher. Take some initiative to know what you’re talking about and what you’re doing. Stop taking other people’s word for it. Do some work yourself. Only lazy people automatically trust what others say.

But hey, don’t take my word for it.

POSTSCRIPT: If you are sick, go to the doctor. I am not telling you not to go to the doctor. I’m telling you not to inherently trust your doctor when you go. One of the reasons I exercise, eat well, and am healthy is because I don’t want to go to the doctor. Diets don’t work; fearing doctors does.


Lectures While Running: Offended Christians

The latest conversation between my son and I while running.

Son: Today we had to read through a play, and while the others were reading, I read ahead in my part and saw that I had to use God’s name in vain. So, I was trying to figure out what to do. I wasn’t even listening to the other kids, I was so worried about it. I thought, well God will understand and I’ll just read it. But then I was like, no, I’m not supposed to use his name in vain. So when it came my turn to read, instead of saying it, I just said “oh” and went on reading the rest. I don’t think anyone even noticed.

Me: Excellent way of handling it. Many Christian kids would see that and raise their hand and make a whiny appeal to their teacher. “I can’t read this, I’m a Christian. Please take me out of this part.” I don’t like that. They make everyone else change so they can whine. They really aren’t troubled about not using God’s name in vain, they are more interested in getting attention.

I think the way you handled it was correct. Just figure out a way to quietly not do it and move on. Don’t make a scene. If more Christians approached offenses like that, we’d have a much better reputation.

Lecturing While Running: Avoiding Kids

The latest conversation between my son and I while running.

Me: I notice that when I run this route by myself on Mondays, few cars go out of there way to pass me. Most come right by me, hardly moving over. However, when I run with you, all the cars move waaaay over. Why do you think that is?

Son: Yeah, that’s weird that people think kids are more valuable than adults.

Me: So you think they move over because children are more precious than adults?

Son: Yeah.

Me: Oooooh, you are so wrong. You wanna know why people move over when there’s a kid running? It’s not cuz you’re more precious, it’s because adults don’t trust kids. Kids are unpredictable. Who knows when some weird kid, not paying attention, will veer into traffic.

Only children who have had self-esteem drivel driven into their skulls think people move over because they are precious. I thought I raised you better than that. They move over because kids are untrustworthy and unpredictable. They don’t trust you.

Now move over, you’re veering into traffic.

Lecturing While Running: Free Stuff

My son and I occasionally run together and he says stuff that deserves lectures. Here’s the latest.

Dad, today track started and I’m not joining. There are 115 kids on the team. That’s too many. They never even run much at practice, they just run like one mile and spend an hour and a half talking.

Well, son, that’s why many people don’t vote for referendums to tax money from people for school activities. I guarantee you, if parents had to pay for their kids to be on the team, there wouldn’t be nearly as many people on it.

Furthermore, the ones who were on it would be the ones who took it more seriously. Thus, the team would be better. Instead, now you have about a hundred extra kids who will just waste time and dork around, hurting the whole team.

Sure, there will be some poor kids who would probably be good and wouldn’t be able to pay to join. But if the school had a limited number of scholarships available to pay for it, things kids would compete for, a kid with talent and no money could still easily be on the team. This would be much cheaper and more efficient at developing actual talent.

But we live in a day where if a kid wants to do something, the whole world has to lay down and let them do it even if they stink at it. Since that’s the case, few of these kids work at anything and sit around and wait for someone else to do the hard work of paying for it. They will continue to stink.

Few, if any, of these kids would endeavor to train for a half-marathon on their own. Most kids join track to be social, not to run. Thus, most of the kids won’t get better at running, but they will get better at talking more. And this is not good. The more obstacles in your way, the harder you need to work. This weeds out the pretenders and improves the skilled.

People don’t care about stuff that’s free. People care about stuff they are invested in. If being on the track team is free, expect a lot of people to join and expect a lot of wasted time and a lot of poor results.

Lecturing While Running: Tattoos

My son and I are training for a half-marathon together. During our runs he will occasionally ask me a question to see what lecture I will make out of it to pass the time. It is quite enjoyable. But I am only capable of lecturing in the first four miles. I can[‘t breathe and talk after that.

Today’s question:

Dad, a lot of athletes have tattoos, why do you think that is?

Well son, athletes are frequently really bad with money. They get too much money way too soon. Tattoos cost money. It’s one more way for them to waste their money.

Tattoos are currently cool, so everyone has them, but a time is coming when so many people will have tattoos, it will be cool to not have them. Then, when everyone decides not to have a tattoo, getting a tattoo will be cool again. Until too many people have them, and then it will be cool to not have them. Then, when everyone decides not to have a tattoo, getting a tattoo will be cool again. Until too many people have them, and then it will be cool to not have them. Then, when everyone decides not to have a tattoo, getting a tattoo will be cool again. Until too many people have them, and then it will be cool to not have them. Etc.

This is called a fad. Avoid fads. People change their idea of what is cool. Even Christianity. There was a time it was cool to be a Christian. Then everyone and their mother claimed to be a Christian. So now it’s cool to be an atheist. But now everyone and their mother is becoming an atheist, so soon it will be cool to be a Christian again. It goes round and round. In the end, most people are just pretending to be cool rather than actually being what they are claiming to be.

Avoid all that. Who cares what people like. Do what’s right and don’t worry about it. And bonus: half the time you will be cool.