The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 8 Part 1

A couple minutes later, Ethan got this email from Ben:

“Ethan, here’s the video. We totally got em! I can’t believe they used their kid! Thanks for your help. We’re sending this to the police today.”

“Their kid?” Ethan asked out loud to no one. He clicked on the video and watched a grey screen of the inside of Ben’s dad’s closet. Nothing happened at first, but then Ethan noticed the ceiling was lifted up. Sure enough, a small boy crawled through onto the shelf of the closet. He turned around and a hand gave him a bag. The kid took the bag, hopped off the shelf, and was gone for a few minutes. Through an impressive feat, the boy managed to climb up the side of the doorframe and back onto the shelf and through the opened ceiling tile and out!

Just like that, drugs had been put in Ben’s house! It was right there on camera and it was all because of Ethan’s detective work!

“Abby! Abby! Come here!” Ethan yelled. There was no reply because sisters don’t like coming when their brother seems particularly excited about them coming. So Ethan got up and went to her room and banged on her door. “Open up! I have something to show you from Ben. He’s innocent!”

Abby opened her door. “You better not be lying.”

“Look for yourself,” Ethan said plopping his laptop on her bed. Abby watched the video. Her mouth was stuck open in shock, amazement, and a smile too.

“That is unreal! They used their kid?” Abby clicked the video to watch it again.

“That’s cool how he climbs up the doorframe,” Ethan said. “I’m gonna try to do that.”

Mia soon entered the room to see what the noise was about. They watched the video again. Then they had to watch it again because they spent the first viewing talking over each other and pointing and arguing and accidentally closing the laptop. Eventually, Mia saw it too.

There was much conversing, to the extent that their mom and dad soon came in. They all watched it again.

“Why did Ben send that to you?” their dad asked Ethan.

“It was my idea,” Ethan said.

“What was your idea?” his dad asked.

“Well, that night I tried to sneak through Abby’s closet, remember? Then you told me that Ben’s house was a Birchwood Home just like ours was. Ben told me he thought they were getting in his house somehow and it just came to me all of a sudden. So I told Ben and he put up the camera and boom! I was right!”

“Well, good job, boy,” his dad said. “Who knew that being a dork would result in solving a mystery?”

Ethan walked around the room dabbing and moonwalking and doing various other dance-like movements.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah.
People say I’m a dork,
But in this case,
You can stick a fork!



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