The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 7 Part 1

Ethan ran out of his room, up the stairs, and into the kitchen. “I figured it out, Abby! I figured it out! It’s the closets! Ben is innocent!”

“What?” Abby asked with a dismissive, offended, oh so typical high school girl look on her face.

“Trust me, it’s the closets. I have to tell Ben.” Ethan ran out the back door. He grabbed a bike and took off. After a quarter mile or so, he realized he was on his sister’s bike, but whatever! It got him moving.

Ethan got to Ben’s house, threw the bike on the ground, ran to the porch, and rang the doorbell.

“I figured it out!” Ethan said when Ben opened the front door. Ethan went in Ben’s house and sat down, breathing too hard to speak. Ben got him a glass of water. “I figured it out!” Ethan said again.

“OK,” Ben said, waiting for Ethan to move past that already.

“It’s the closet!” Ethan said, and then paused for a breath and a drink of water.

“It’s the closet for what?” a confused Ben asked.

“The closet. They’re getting in your house through the closet. Remember the night I fell into Abby’s room through the closet? I could crawl through by lifting up the ceiling panel. Our house is a Birchwood Home, just like this house! I bet the closets are the same design as in our house!”

Ben processed the information. “You might be right!” Ben said. “Let’s go check!”

Ethan and Ben walked into Ben’s dad’s room and opened the closet door. “Yeah, it looks like my closet ceiling,” Ethan said.

“Hang on, we can’t go through now, I don’t know if they’re home or not.”

“Just let me try and lift up the tile and see, I won’t go in anywhere,” Ethan said.

“OK, just take it easy,” Ben said as he got Ethan a chair.

Ethan stood on the chair and slowly lifted the ceiling tile. It moved up easily. Ethan stood on his tiptoes. “There’s a wall, but it stops. I can’t see over it. I have to get up to see what’s on the other side of the wall.”

“You can’t go in there now,” Ben said. “They’re home. We’ll have to wait.”

Ethan tried to stretch as tall as he could, but it was no use. He couldn’t see over the wall. “OK.”

Ben told Ethan to come back in the morning, around ten, they were usually gone at that time. “We can really check it out then. But we have to wait,” Ben said.

“Yeah, you’re right. The last thing you need is for me to fall through someone else’s closet.”



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