The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 6 Part 4

In all honesty, it was killing Ethan that he didn’t know what was in Abby’s letter. After Ben gave Ethan the letter to deliver, it crossed his mind to open the envelope and read it. He actually attempted to open the envelope, but it tore. He was afraid further opening would tear it worse. Ethan backed off. He tried holding it up to the sun too, hoping the light would reveal some words. Didn’t work.

Ethan paced in his room and devised a plan to sneak into Abby’s room later. Ethan already knew all the good hiding spots in her room. She apparently didn’t know that, because she kept putting things in those spots. He knew the letter would end up in one of them.

Ethan went to Mia’s room to inform her of the new information Ethan got from Ben. He told her about the video Ben showed him, and the supposed evidence of someone else being in Ben’s house.

“So, a shadow on a wall proves he’s not a druggy? I doubt that will stand up in a court of law,” Mia said.

“Yeah, I know. Ben knows that too. But he’s convinced it’s proof they are getting into their house.”

Mia and Ethan talked things over, discussing various possibilities of guilt or innocence. It was very detectivy.

Supper was ready, and Ethan was excited because it was Abby’s night to do dishes, providing him a great opportunity to sneak into her room.

When Ethan was excited, he sang. He entered the kitchen singing:

“It’s time for dinner,
But not for a sinner,
Only for a winner,
Winner winner chicken dinner.”

Dinner began. Abby seemed OK, she certainly wasn’t crying, but she wasn’t her hyper-happy self either. The letter must have made her feel better, but not too much, Ethan guessed. This only made him more curious, and more excited to get into her room to get the letter. When Ethan was excited, he sang.

“Abby has to do dishes
Ben won’t be able to give her kishes
Despite all her wishes.”

Abby gave Ethan a look. Mia laughed out loud. Ethan’s dad said, “Ethan, how many times have we told you, no singing at the table?”

Ethan apologized and scarfed down his food. Off to his room he went. He waited a few minutes to make sure Abby wasn’t coming before trying to open her door. It was locked! No way! How did she lock her door?

It was then that it hit Ethan.

“The closet!” he said out loud. “It’s the closet!”



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