The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 6 Part 3

Well, as everyone knows, when things are going well, that’s when you should be most worried. Things were going well for Abby and Ben. All was right in their little world. It was precious, and cute, and adorable, but mostly nauseating for Ethan and Mia.

Things continued going well for one whole week. Then one night Abby came home from work in tears. Again. Straight to her room. Again her mom went in to find out what was up.

Mia and Ethan tried to listen through the wall. Again. They still couldn’t hear anything except the muffled sounds of Abby tormentedly saying something or other. Mia and Ethan could hardly contain their curiosity and excitement. “I might get my 20 bucks back!” Mia said.

No one told Mia or Ethan anything. It was as if this most important of news was no concern of theirs. How rude. It wasn’t until the next day that they found out that Ben was back in trouble for drugs. Apparently the police came back to their house and did a search of their house, which they were told would happen, and the police found drugs. Ethan reluctantly gave Mia her 20 bucks back. “I told you! Hockey players are all on drugs!” Mia said triumphantly.

The next day, as Ethan was doing his paper route, Ben met him at his door. “Come in for a second, Ethan,” Ben said.

Ethan, feeling a little bit creepy about the whole thing, nervously went in Ben’s house. “I suppose you’ve heard about the drugs being found?” Ethan nodded his head. “It’s a real bummer. I don’t know what to do. They are going to get my dad busted on drug charges, he’ll probably do jail time. This is so unreal. You know we’re innocent, right?”

“I guess so,” was all Ethan could come up with.

“Well, we are. I hope Abby knows that, but I think she’s done with me. You gotta help me. I wrote a letter to Abby, would you give it to her? I’ll give you $5.”

“Oh sure, yeah, no problem.” How awesome was this? Ethan was going to make money on this deal no matter what happened!

“By the way, remember I told you about setting up a camera in our house? Well, check this out.” Ben got his laptop and brought up a grainy video of his dad’s bedroom. “Look at the hallway.” Ethan watched the hallway through the bedroom door, a shadow in the sunlight went on the hallway wall. “Did you see it?”

“The shadow?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah. Get this, there was no one home. Somehow they are getting in our house. This is so unreal.”

“Did you show the police?”

“We can’t prove we weren’t home. It really doesn’t mean anything to them, but it does to us. Something weird is still going on here.” Ben said, replaying the video. “There’s got to be something we can do. Some way to prove they are getting in the house.”

Ethan left Ben’s house with the letter for Abby, and delivered the rest of his papers. When he got home he went to Abby’s room and knocked on the door. “I have something for you,” Ethan said.

“I don’t care,” said the still depressed Abby.

“It’s from your boyfriend,” Ethan happily added. “He still woves you!”

Abby opened her door, said “Shut up,” snatched the letter out of Ethan’s hands, and then slammed the door. Easiest five bucks Ethan ever made.



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