The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 5 Part 4

Ethan immediately told his dad that he got bit by a dog. His dad checked out the wound. “I suppose I should go over and make sure the dog has all its shots up to date.”

Ethan and his dad got into the car and went to the drug dealer’s house. The lady with the weird makeup on her eyes came to the door. She recognized Ethan and apologized again. Ethan’s dad checked the dog’s tags and record of shots. Everything was up to date. After some more apologies, Ethan and his dad headed back home.

“Doesn’t their house look like ours?” Ethan asked his dad in the car.

“Yup. Lots of houses were made around here at the same time. They are called pre-fab homes. Most of these were made in the 80’s by a company called Birchwood Homes. They all look pretty much the same.”

“So, they’re all built the same, look the same, and everything?”


“Huh, I never knew that,” Ethan said.

“Once you notice what they look like, you’ll see them everywhere,” Ethan’s dad said while pointing at a couple houses out the window. “See, there’s two more.”

When Ethan got home he went to Mia’s room and told her all the stuff that happened in the drug dealer’s house. Mia sketched the layout of their house, putting all the furniture in its place that Ethan could remember.

She also took down notes as to what the man and woman looked like.

“What color was her hair?” Mia asked.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? She had hair right? You just saw her twice in the last hour didn’t you?” Mia asked with frustration.

“I’m a boy, I don’t notice that. She had weird purple like makeup stuff all over her eyeballs.” Ethan added.

“You don’t wear makeup on your eyeballs,” Mia explained.

“Whatever, the thing above the eye,” Ethan said pointing over his eye. “It was creepy looking.”

Mia took notes as best she could from Ethan’s very spotty memory. “Well, from what you’re telling me, the fighting, the weird makeup, and the weird smoky smell in their house, they’re definitely druggies. Now to just prove Ben is.” Mia said with excitement.



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