A Fly’s Best Day: A Short Story

Betty was in her garden digging a hole. She was alone except for a solitary fly circling her. Occasionally Betty would stop digging and swat the fly. “Go away,” she told it, to no avail.

The fly was startled several times that this person was swatting at it. Flies like people, why don’t people like flies? While Betty was digging again, the fly circled her several times looking for an open piece of skin to land on. Betty, being an old lady, was covered with dead skin, which flies love eating. So many wrinkles to explore and gross human grossness to suck up. How could a fly not like Betty?

But Betty was vigilant. Every time our little fly came in for a landing, Betty would swat it away. Betty was not an angry person, but those swats had anger in them. While circling Betty, the fly noticed drops of water falling off her cheeks.

The fly circled down to the ground, found where the drops of water landed, and hit the jackpot! These little drops of water from Betty’s face were salty! Flies like salt. Our little fly happily partook of the salty goodness. Betty’s digging stirred up the ground, making the fly nervous. The fly had to move off again.

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The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 8 Part 2

Ethan was very pleased with himself. When Ethan is pleased with himself he dances and sings. He doesn’t walk anywhere, no, now he skips. There is much energy. But it’s nice to see that dorkiness can work out for good.

The police did watch the video and the kid was easily identified as Ben’s neighbor’s son. They were indeed drug dealers. Ben and his dad were innocent and no charges were brought. The neighbors didn’t fare so well.

Ben was very happy with Ethan and all he did for him and his dad. Ben frequently gives Ethan a cold soda while Ethan is delivering papers in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter.

And, best of all, Ben and Abby got back together and they lived happily ever after. Well, they lived happily ever after for about three months until Ben put a stupid comment on Facebook about Abby’s hair that Abby got mad about and they broke up. Such is life.

Mia enjoyed her time playing detective and is still convinced that all hockey players are on drugs. She also paid her gambling debt in full to Ethan.

Between the $20 from Mia, the $20 for the dog bite, and the $10 for delivering two letters for Ben, Ethan came out way ahead with $50 for his troubles. Who says being a dork doesn’t pay?

Babies indeed do say that Ethan is awesome. And you know why they say that? Because Ethan is awesome, that’s why. You know that for sure, because chickens say it too.






The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 8 Part 1

A couple minutes later, Ethan got this email from Ben:

“Ethan, here’s the video. We totally got em! I can’t believe they used their kid! Thanks for your help. We’re sending this to the police today.”

“Their kid?” Ethan asked out loud to no one. He clicked on the video and watched a grey screen of the inside of Ben’s dad’s closet. Nothing happened at first, but then Ethan noticed the ceiling was lifted up. Sure enough, a small boy crawled through onto the shelf of the closet. He turned around and a hand gave him a bag. The kid took the bag, hopped off the shelf, and was gone for a few minutes. Through an impressive feat, the boy managed to climb up the side of the doorframe and back onto the shelf and through the opened ceiling tile and out!

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The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 7 Part 4

About a week passed without excitement. After the high of figuring out the closet deal, the low of nothing happening moved in. Abby was still being Abby. She wasn’t talking to Ben. This was fine with Ethan, he was making plans for starting a retirement fund.

Although Mia was impressed when Ethan told her about his closet sleuthing, she was still convinced Ben was guilty. He did play hockey, you know.

“I bet he just set that stuff up himself. Why do you think he didn’t let you examine the closet the first night you went over there? Because he had to set it up right. He’s playing you,” Mia said confidently.

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The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 7 Part 3

“Wow, this is awesome,” Ben said looking through the pictures on his iPad. “They are definitely getting in through the closet.” Ben kept scrolling through the pictures, looking at everything over and over again.

“Will it be enough though?” asked Ethan.

“Probably not. I mean, it’s good, but we need something more. Definite proof they are getting through. For all the police know, I did this to make them look guilty.”

Ethan and Ben sat and thought about how to get more evidence. Or, Ben did, Ethan wasn’t thinking about it anymore. He was thinking about whether it was time for lunch yet.

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The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 7 Part 2

Ethan typically got out of bed at 9 in the summer. But today he was up early. 8:57 to be exact. He ate a quick breakfast and then prepared himself for the day’s mission. He put on black shorts, black socks, and a black shirt. Ninjas wear black, probably not black shorts, but it was hot. Ethan needed all the ninja he could get.

He didn’t tell anyone in his family what he was doing, just in case someone had a problem with it. Better not to say anything than to say stuff that ruins your fun. Ethan’s sisters were still sleeping when he left, and his parents were gone.

Ben was waiting for him when he showed up. “The neighbors are gone. I watched them leave,” Ben said as Ethan came in the door.

“OK, well, let’s do this thing!” Ethan said with his ninja game face on.

They went into Ben’s dad’s room where the closet door was open and a step ladder had been set up. “If you can get on that, I think you should be able to see over the wall, and depending on what’s over there, maybe get up in there,” Ben said. “I tried looking in there earlier, but my head was too big to see much. I figured I’d let a little person get in there.”

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The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked Chapter 7 Part 1

Ethan ran out of his room, up the stairs, and into the kitchen. “I figured it out, Abby! I figured it out! It’s the closets! Ben is innocent!”

“What?” Abby asked with a dismissive, offended, oh so typical high school girl look on her face.

“Trust me, it’s the closets. I have to tell Ben.” Ethan ran out the back door. He grabbed a bike and took off. After a quarter mile or so, he realized he was on his sister’s bike, but whatever! It got him moving.

Ethan got to Ben’s house, threw the bike on the ground, ran to the porch, and rang the doorbell.

“I figured it out!” Ethan said when Ben opened the front door. Ethan went in Ben’s house and sat down, breathing too hard to speak. Ben got him a glass of water. “I figured it out!” Ethan said again.

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