The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 4 Part 4

Ethan was able to get off the roof after his mom set the ladder back up. His shirt had a hole in it and his stomach had scratches on it. But it was worth it, since he could tell Mia what Abby and Ben had been talking about.

“I have some news
You can use
About Ben and Abby
That’s not too shabby
,” Ethan sang as he entered Mia’s room.

“What did you hear?” an excited Mia asked.

“They’re going to get married and raise chickens,” Ethan said.

Mia rolled her eyes, “Seriously, Ethan? You’re such a dork. What did they say?”

“Well, when I was on the roof, I could hear most of what Ben said. I can’t remember it all, but he said they think the people who live on the other side of the duplex are finding a way to hide drugs on Ben’s side. They aren’t sure how. The police aren’t sure what’s going on, but definitely know the other people are drug dealers. Ben says he’s innocent.”

“Of course he says he’s innocent. All criminals claim innocence.”

“Do innocent people claim they are guilty then?” asked Ethan, which wasn’t a bad question. Ethan had the ability to, out of nowhere, be very intelligent.

“Whatever. All I know is that he’s guilty. Did you notice he was wearing a hoodie tonight? Who wears a hoodie in the summer? Drug dealers, that’s who.”

Mia and Ethan continued to talk and speculate about Ben’s presumed innocence. Abby and Ben returned from their walk and soon everyone was called for supper.

The conversation avoided drugs, police, and prisons. During one lull in the conversation Ben turned to Ethan and said, “You delivering papers tomorrow?”


“What time?”

“Probably around 3,” replied Ethan.

“OK,” said Ben. He went back to eating his spaghetti.

Mia flashed Ethan a weird look. She mouthed the word “guilty.” Ethan mouthed the word, “what?” Mia mouthed the word “guilty” again. Ethan responded with a confused, questioning look. “What?” he mouthed. Mia rolled her eyes.

“What’s wrong with your face, son?” asked Ethan’s dad.

The confused, questioning look was wiped off his face. “Nothing, I was just hoping we were having chicken tonight.”

After supper was over, Mia and Ethan went down to Ethan’s room to talk.

“Why did he ask when you would deliver papers?” asked Mia.

“I don’t know.”

“This is all very suspicious. I am going to follow behind you tomorrow. I bet he’s setting you up.” Mia said.

“Setting me up with what?”

“Ugh. You are impossible to talk to.”



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