The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 4 Part 3

The following afternoon the family had a conversation about Ben. Drugs had indeed been found in Ben’s house. Ben was not in any immediate danger. There was no proof he had anything to do with it. At this point, all responsibility for the house fell on Ben’s dad. There was much confusion about what would happen next. The police were still investigating. At this point, Ben was fine.

While this news was shared, Abby was in tears. Mia listened for clues to convict Ben. Ethan heard some of the words and not others. He knew Ben was OK, drugs were involved, Ben had a dad, and there was a house in there at some point. No one ever knew what was going on in Ethan’s head.

Abby and Ben were in a rough place. Abby wasn’t sure if Ben was innocent or not. She wanted to think he was, but they did find drugs in his house. It was decided that Ben should come over for supper again so he and Abby could talk and maybe it would be nice to get Ben out of his house for a nice meal.

Ben came over that evening. He and Abby talked at the picnic table in the backyard. And yes, Ethan and Mia attempted everything within their power to hear what they were saying. Unfortunately, none of the windows in the house were near enough to the table to hear the conversation. Although Ethan was able to sneak along the side of the garage to get within 20 feet of the table, he still couldn’t poke his head around the corner enough to hear everything. He caught a word here and there, but nothing helpful. Ethan had a hard enough time listening when people were right in front of him.

Ethan got the bright idea to sneak onto the roof. He quietly got out a ladder and crawled onto the roof. He snuck over the peak of the house and down the other side. Very quietly and slowly he was able to position himself almost directly over Abby’s head. Ethan was now in a position to hear most of Ben’s words. Ethan tried to remember as much as he could

Eventually, Ben and Abby got up to go for a walk around the block. On their way through the garage, they noticed the ladder was out. “Why is that there?” asked Abby.

“Want me to put it away?” asked Ben.

“Probably. My mom will be home soon and will have to get in the garage.” Ben folded up the ladder and put it in the garage. They left for their walk. Ethan crawled back over the peak of the roof and down where he had left the ladder.

“Seriously, people.” Ethan said. “Why did they put the ladder away?” The roof was fairly low, maybe 8 feet off the ground, which was still a little bit high to jump off comfortably. Ethan used all his brain’s power to figure out a way out of his predicament.

By doing a little math, Ethan figured that if he hung off the roof, he would only be four feet off the ground. He could then let go and drop down without too much problem. Ethan lay next to the roof edge, grabbed the edge with his left hand and slowly lowered his left leg. So far so good.

He scooted his body a little bit over the edge at a time, grasping the edge of the roof with his right hand, he then slid the rest of his body over the edge. The edge of the roof pushed his t-shirt up, scratching his stomach all up. His shirt was stuck on the edge of the roof and there was no way to free himself without letting go. He was too afraid to let go for fear his shirt would stay stuck.

It was at this point that Ethan’s mom came home and observed her son hanging off the roof with his shirt pulled up. “What is that dear boy doing now?” she asked herself. One never knew.


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