The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 4 Part 1

“Babies say I’m awesome and I agree, cuz I am,” Ethan sang as he bounced around his room. Ethan was in the process of spending a Saturday doing not much of substance.

“I’m awesome,
Like a peach blossom.

“No, that’s not good.” Ethan paused trying to get his brain to find a word to rhyme with awesome.

“I’m awesome,
Like my teeth when I floss ‘em.”

Ethan was pleased with that one. He would remember that for later. It had been a couple weeks since Ben almost got hauled off to jail. Things had indeed quieted down. The only remnant of the event was the occasional ridicule Abby took from her brother and sister about dating a criminal. But the past events were about to be brought back to the forefront.

Abby announced her arrival home by bursting into the house crying. Her mom asked what was wrong. But Abby just flew through the room, down the stairs, and into her bedroom. Her mom was able to catch the phrase “They found drugs in Ben’s house” in between her sobs.

“I knew it!” said Mia. “I knew he was a druggy.”

“What? How would you know that?” asked her mom.

“He plays hockey. Everyone who plays hockey does drugs.” Mia explained.

“Whatever, Mia, you know that’s not true.”

“Well, everyone I know on the hockey team does drugs. It’s like the team joke.”

“You can’t just throw around accusations like that,” said her mom. “Just because a couple players might do drugs doesn’t mean everyone on the team does. Until there’s proof, don’t make such statements.”

“They found drugs in his house, mom,” Mia said, rolling her eyes.

“We don’t know the whole story. Relax.”

Mia went to Ethan’s room and dropped the news on Ethan. “They found drugs in Ben’s house!” said an excited Mia.

“Who cares. We have rugs in our house. Every house has rugs. Big deal,” said a confused Ethan.

“DRUGS! D-D-D. DRUGS,” emphasized Mia.

“Oh drugs. What? No way,” said Ethan.

“That’s what Abby said. Plus, I knew he was a druggy anyway as soon as I knew he played hockey. All hockey players do drugs.”

“You’re so weird, Mia. I know guys who play hockey, none of them do drugs.”

“Well, I’ve watched every television show and movie about Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read all kinds of Sherlock books, the original ones and new ones. I’ve learned some stuff about observation and detecting the truth. Ben is guilty, guilty, guilty.”

Ethan, who never actually signed a contract, was still contractually obligated to disagree with his sister. That being the case, Ethan said, “Whatever, Mia, he’s totally innocent.”

“We’ll see,” said Mia.

“I’ll bet you 20 bucks he’s innocent,” challenged Ethan, sticking out his right hand.

Mia shook his hand and said, “You’re on!”



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