The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 3 Part 2

Ethan and Mia biked into Johnson’s Park, which was quite busy on a Saturday afternoon in August. They headed toward the back of the park by the woods and the train track. They ditched their bikes in the woods and crept along, looking through the trees at the houses across the road.

“There are the police cars,” Mia whispered.

“Yeah, that’s his house.” They got down on their hands and knees to get as close as possible. They crawled through some ferns until they had a clear view of Ben’s house.

“Look!” whispered Mia. “There’s Ben! He’s talking to that policeman.”

“He looks so guilty!” said Ethan excitedly. “Get your iPad and take a picture for Abbey! A picture of her boyfriend before he gets taken away to the Big House!”

Mia did her silent laugh through the nose thing that she does. She got her iPad out and got the camera app ready. She tried taking a picture. “Ethan! You dork! It won’t let me take any pictures because of all your stupid selfies!”

“Oh yeah!” said Ethan. “I forgot about that. Look at that one! Look at my mouth! Oh man, that’s funny. I kill me.”

“You’re such a dork,” Mia said as she deleted a couple dozen selfies of Ethan’s. “Oh great, where did Ben go?”

Ben was nowhere to be seen. In fact, several police officers were getting into their cars. Ben was gone!

“Is he in one of the cars?” Mia asked.

“I don’t see him. There are people in the back of the cars though.”

“Wait! Is that him?” Mia snapped a picture of a passing police car. They examined the picture. “I can’t tell. It kind of looks like his hair a little bit.”

Just then, Ethan let out a tremendous yell. He got up screaming and yelling. “Bees!”

Ethan and Mia burst out into the road running from the bees. “One got me” Ethan yelled. As Ethan flailed his arms and ran wildly, he bumped into a police officer who just came out of Ben’s driveway headed to his car.

“Watch it there, son,” said the policeman.

“Sorry. Bees,” said Ethan breathlessly. It was then that Ethan noticed Ben was with the policeman. “Oh, hey, Ben, how’s it going?” Which was a really stupid question, but then again, Ethan was a dork.

“Just great, Ethan, what are you doing here?”

“We’ve no time to talk, boys,” said the policeman opening the rear door to his car. “Sit back here Ben.” Ben got in the car. Ethan and Mia watched as the car drove off.



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