The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 3 Part 1

Ethan burst into Mia’s room in song.

“You’ll never guess,
What I know is the best,
News you’ll hear today
About the boyfriend of Abbay.”

“You could knock,” said Mia, staring daggers through her brother.

“Yes I could knock,
But then I’d have to block,
Your face with a chicken,
And give you a lickin.”

Okay,” said Mia, “That was weird.”

“Dude, though, you’ll never guess what I just saw.”

“What?” said Mia who didn’t want to act at all interested, even though she wanted to know the best news of the day about the boyfriend of “Abbay.”

“I was delivering papers and I got to Ben’s house, remember he said I delivered to his house? Well, there were all kinds of cop cars there and people in handcuffs. And, get this! One of them was Ben! He’s totally a criminal!”

“No way!” said Mia, “You’re kidding!”

“I am not kidding,
But I am hitting,
With the hard news
That will take away your blues,”
sang Ethan. The boy had skills.

“I wonder if Abbey knows.”

“Dad said I couldn’t tell her,“ Ethan said.

“Yeah, I wonder why. She doesn’t get off work ‘til, like, 7 or something. We should totally go over there and spy on Ben’s house!”

“Dude, we totally could. Johnson Park is, like, right by his house. Across the road there are some woods, a train track, and then the park. We could sneak into the woods and see what’s going on.”

The excitement built. Mia and Ethan developed their plan as they put their shoes on and got their bikes. Let the sleuthing begin.



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