The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 2 Part 4

The next day, Saturday, was a paper delivery day, which was good, because Ethan needed some money to repair his sister’s closet. Ethan made his way down Market Street, throwing papers ever so perfectly onto people’s porches. His thoughts were consumed with how awesome his throws were that day. Perhaps the large scratch down his back from the closet hook incident actually helped his form! Score!

As Ethan turned onto Eagle Street, his thoughts were immediately distracted by flashing lights. Three police cars were pulled up by a house, and five or six people were out front sitting on the curb in handcuffs.

Ethan remembered Ben saying he lived on Eagle Street, the house with all the old cars. Well, the house with all the old cars, now was the house that also had all the police cars!

Ethan went up to the house to put the paper on the mailbox hooks. On his way up the sidewalk to the house, he saw that Ben was one of those in handcuffs! It looked to Ethan like Ben purposely tried not to look at him. Ethan delivered the paper and moved on to the next house.

Ethan delivered the remaining 40 newspapers in about three minutes and sprinted home. Wait until everyone hears about Abby’s new boyfriend! He’s a criminal! Well, on second thought, I’m sure no one would be too shocked to learn that. Actually, it makes a lot of sense. . . .

“Dad! Dad!” Ethan yelled as he ran into the house.

“What’s up?”

“You’ll never believe what I just saw.”

“O-kaaaay,” said Ethan’s dad.

“I was delivering papers on Eagle Street. Remember Ben said he lived there? Well, he lives there, but not for long. He’s totally going to jail! I saw him in handcuffs, and there were police cars, and Abby’s dating a criminal!”

“Are you sure?” asked his skeptical father.

“Oh, I’m sure. He was looking the other way. Either he didn’t see me, or else he was trying to ignore me, which is what guilty people do, you know.”

“Well, we’ll wait to convict him until we find out what’s going on. By the way, I will tell Abby when she gets home, not you. Got it?”



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