The Dorkiest Dork Who Ever Dorked: Chapter 1 Part 3

It had been over eight minutes since Ethan had annoyed anyone. Just when it looked like a new record would be set, Ethan’s dad came home.

“Daaadddd!” Ethan yelled as his dad came in the door. Ethan ran and launched himself at his father. Ethan jumped and wrapped his arms and legs around his dad. Unfortunately, Ethan’s dad’s back wasn’t capable of handling the weight; they both fell backward onto the floor.

Ethan lay on top of his father on the floor. His dad moaned. “Ethan, my son, how many times have I told you to take it easy with me? I’m an old man. You can’t do such things to me.”

“Sorry, dad. I just missed you.”

“I was gone for an hour.”

“I know, and it was a very long hour. In chicken hours, that’s like three days.”

“Neither one of us are chickens.”

“I know, but if we were, I would have not had a dad around for three days.”

“You are one weird person.” Ethan’s dad said, picking himself up off the floor. “What have you been up to?”

“Nothing. Mia and Abigail are mad at me.”

“Imagine that.” This was nothing new. “What did you do this time?”

“Why is it always me? You know teenage girls, they’re always mad about something.”

“True, and that something is usually you.”

“That hurts dad. That really hurts.” Ethan said wiping fake tears from his eyes.

“You’ll survive.” Ethan’s dad went into his office and closed the door. The universal sign for “leave me alone.”

After everyone in the house closed their doors on Ethan, he returned to the couch and sat alone on a summer morning.


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Jeff Weddle


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