Vacations With Mormons, Evolutionists, and the Truth

Yesterday my family and I returned from a trip to many National Parks and Salt Lake City, Utah. During our time, we saw many things that were an affront to my Christian beliefs.

Every National Park has signage stating evolutionary “facts.” Whether explaining how the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was formed over millions of years, or Agate Fossil Beds National Monument telling us about 23-million year-old dinosaur fossils.

Every place states these things as indisputable facts. If you do any reading outside of popular science, you know there is doubt about Darwinian Evolution. Not just from the Creationist fringe either, many scientists have their doubts.

Yet those doubts are never raised on the popular level. Just stated facts. I did note to my children in one visitor center movie how the narrator said “scientists believe” in reference to our descent from apes.

There is plenty of belief in science, because not all their facts are as factual as they’d like them to be. You are denying wide swaths of science if you deny this truth. The scientific method is based on not knowing and endeavoring to find out. The scientific method stops as soon as you think you know everything.

We also visited the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. The place repulses me and I could not stay long. However, I wanted my kids to see what it was about.

I don’t mind my kids being exposed to evolution, nor Mormon theology. I aint afraid. I believe I have truth on my side, and, if that’s the case, I can have confidence in the truth and rest. It also led to several good conversations. Thinking took place.

The modern scientific community is becoming very sensitive. They do not allow any variance from their views. There are no alternative theories up for debate. They know it all, and if you veer from it, they will endeavor to silence you.

Religious people are the same way, as modern science becomes a religion. You won’t get very far debating Mormon theology at the Mormon Temple.

Unfortunately, many supposed Christians react the same way. We get mad and offended, we work to silence those who oppose us. The more you have to silence others and be offended, the more you are admitting weakness and insecurity.

Mormons can say what they want. Read their book. Read all the ridiculousness that has no proof. Scientists can say what they want. Read science and see how often they change their tune. Neither needs to be silenced. God will silence us all.

I believe the Bible is telling the truth. I will let the truth win the gradual battle. The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. Truth always wins, even if it takes forever.

The louder people get and the more they have to silence others, the more you know they are insecure. Truth has a way of calming and stilling its audience.

We all need more calm. More calm comes with more truth.

Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.


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