My Brain on the Internet: Emoji Bible, Church Jail, Evolutionist Explains why so many Reject Evolution, and Clarification on Yesterday’s Marriage Post

The iTunes Store is now offering an emoji version of the King James Bible. The author of this Bible said, “I thought if we fast forwarded 100 years in the future, an emoji bible would exist.” I’m quite certain that 100 years from now, no one will even know what an emoji is. I know blasphemy is a thing, but I hesitate throwing the word around, but I also suggest we hesitate throwing God’s Word around on every wind of fashion. The emoji for God is a smiley face with a halo over it. I can’t imagine this upholds the command to not use God’s name in vain.

A man arrested in an altercation with street preachers has been sentenced to attend church for twelve weeks! This is a compelling article. Not sure that 12 church services is equivalent to 90-days in jail, but alas, for many it no doubt is.

Why do so many people reject evolution as a solid theory? Is it because religion-believing people are stupid? Or perhaps, is it because evolution has so many large holes in it? This article, written from an evolutionist standpoint, reveals some critical insights. “What we do have is a god-like power of natural selection whose miracle-working activity in creating ever new organisms is vividly clear to eyes of faith, but frustratingly obscure to mere empirical investigators. This is not a science ready for submission to a larger public along with a demand for acquiescence. Not if this public has yet to dull its sensitivity to fundamental questions in the way that the research community seems to have done.” The reason why so many reject evolution is because evolution is a blind-faith, religious view with very little scientific proof of any sort to prove it. Not a bad admission by an evolutionist!

Based on the online and offline response toward my marriage post yesterday, it seems apparent I did not communicate effectively. Therefore, I have added a Clarification to the end of the post which will hopefully help.


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