My Brain on the Internet: Becket Bones, West Coast Rumble, and 20 Years of Marriage

Lest you think relics are a relic from the past: “A fragment of bone belonging to the murdered archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, has returned to England from Hungary for the first time in 800 years.” no healings reported yet, but there’s plenty of time for that.

Speaking of healings, West Coast Rumble is not the next WWE Pay Per View, but is the name of a new series of Charismatic revivals happening out West. Healings, visions, words from God, and holy laughter are all popping up and revival is set to sweep the land. It is being labeled as “the Third Great Awakening.” Which I believe is the 336th time the Third Great Awakening has been claimed. The movement is part of the New Apostolic Reformation, a militant branch of Pentecostalism. They are into dominionism–taking over America and potentially the world–as new apostles who claim to be visited by Jesus Himself. There is nothing new under the sun. This next wave of gibberish will crash onto the shore and be swept away again. Until the 337th Third Great Awakening. Be on guard. Walk circumspectly.

Yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary. One thing I like about my wife is that she doesn’t get all caught up in such stuff. I wanted to marry a woman who wasn’t all weird about stuff like that. I accomplished my goal! We did nothing for each other and it was lovely. Others judge me as being a horrible husband for not buying her stuff for a big anniversary. But the reality of the situation is that I hate weddings, thus I hated my wedding and I really don’t want to celebrate something I hate. Our relationship is built upon much more solid ground than some Hallmark card notion of romance. So, yeah, it’s cool we’ve been married for 20 years, but it’s just a number and just a date. Thanks wife for making marriage enjoyable, helpful, non-drama, low-key and yet entertaining. Here’s to more of the same.

Over the many hours of driving in the car together, my wife and I have heard many songs on the radio. Whenever the weirdest song possible comes on, I always hold my wife’s hand and say, “Ohhhh, it’s our song.” Here are some of “Our Songs.”

Rod Stewart sings about an unfaithful woman and how “someone like you, makes it hard to live without somebody else.” That’s terrible!

This is Pearl Jam’s anthem to stop domestic violence. An abused woman sticks with her husband because she can’t find a better man. How romantic!

This song is about a guy losing it and killing people. Love you, honey! Here’s to 20 more years!


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