My Brain on the Internet: Online Baptisms, Major League Baseball and Seeker-Sensitive Churches, and My Piano Playing Daughter

Hardly anyone goes to The Church of Scotland anymore. Recent decline has forced church leaders to examine new ways of attracting adherents to their faith. The answer: online baptisms and Communion. Online baptisms? Really? I know the internet is all wet, but seriously? Perhaps their new slogan would be, “We put the app in bapptism.” Their new leader would be John the Apptist. OK, I’m done. I agree with the head of the Free Church of Scotland, which broke away from the state church in the 19th Century, “At best it is a cheap gimmick, at worst it comes across as yet another desperate attempt by a declining national church to shore up its numbers and justify its existence.”

Major League Baseball, in an effort to speed up games, is planning on moving the strike zone higher and just giving a batter first base on an intentional walk rather than throwing four pitches for balls. I don’t like this. The whole notion of speeding up the game is ridiculous. If we change the game to the extent we remove elements of actual game play, why not just skip the game? The game should be left alone. Remove half the commercials. This reminds me of seeker-sensitive churches–people don’t like doctrine and boring preaching, so we’ll eliminate doctrine and preaching! Great, and now you don’t have church.

My daughter, Elizabeth, played at a piano recital Sunday afternoon. She played a tough song and she never practiced it that much, so it wasn’t her best. The reason she didn’t practice it much is because she did well at Solo and Ensemble, qualifying to play at state where she did very well. The last ten months she has been playing her song for that many, many times. She has come a long way and I am proud of her for her dedication to practice and her growing confidence in performing in front of people. She even practiced the next day after the recital, even though she has a bit of a piano break now. She is awesome.


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