My Brain on the Internet: Sloppy Apologetics, Trump Persuasion, Timothy Keller, and My Son Wins Again

Using the Bible recklessly has been a problem for Christians, and even in apologetics. Yes, even how we “convince” people to believe often twists Scripture. Our desire to rip passages out of context to “prove our point,” often misses entirely God’s point. Winning people to the faith by sloppy Scripture usage seems a bad foot to begin with! This article details several passages apologists frequently use poorly. It deserves our consideration.

I don’t know how much politics you want to pay attention to at the moment, but the best analyzation of recent developments is by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. He examines the campaigns, particularly Trump’s, from his background in persuasion. Trump employs every self-help tool possible in getting people to be on his side. Adams calls Trump a “master persuader.” Adams’ blog is a fascinating read right now with a daily update on the campaigns and their usages of words, logos, and appearances. Entertaining and informative. Here is a link to Adams’ latest post.

Finished reading Jesus the King, by Timothy Keller. I have no major issue with Keller. I have read a number of his books now. This book was a little flat for me. It was basically a commentary on Mark written with fluff to make it accessible. Anytime someone writes about Jesus with the intent of fluffy popularity, it always seems to be a Jesus with the edges sanded off. In my mind, that leaves you hardly any Jesus at all. A little too tame, much more tame than the Jesus you would encounter if you just read the Gospel of Mark.

My son had a game last night. He went 2-3 with a single and a double and a couple RBI. Played center field the whole game and only had one ball hit to him, which he caught. His team won 8-3 and it was a satisfying and beautiful evening in the Northwoods.


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