My Brain on the Internet: Church Skeptics, Defending Boring Stuff, A Closer Walk with Jesus, and Half-Marathons

“When we give people the impression that Christianity stands or falls based entirely upon one’s subjective, personal experiences, we are systematically raising an army of skeptics.” Americans are increasingly questioning and leaving Christianity. It could be due to our emphasis on experience over biblical doctrine. That’s been my experience anyway.

“Science should be more boring” says professor and science journalist, Valentin Amrhein. This would help reduce the amount of sensational reporting, get money funneled to actual important work rather than headline grabbing work, and would allow scientists to check other results and not always be gunning for new territory. I think the same should be true for theology. Theology should be boring. This would eliminate 3/4 of the content of the average Christian bookstore. If your theology is new and cutting edge: it is wrong. Lets stop filling the Church with misguided distracting theological puffery and stick with sound doctrine.

My son and I ran a half-marathon Saturday. The pain is mostly gone now. My son did great, finishing in 1:47 for a 8:13/mile pace and finished first in his age bracket. I did it in 1:57 for an 8:59 pace and fifth in my age division. It was a fun time doing the training and the race with my son, even if he does trounce me. My goal was to beat a 9-minute mile pace and I totally crushed that goal! Wootwoot.


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