God Rested and So Should You, and Here Is Probably Why You Can’t

We’re a busy people these days. Not only are we busy, but we’re also distracted. There is no quiet anymore. Music is blaring, the TV beckons, the internet and its dog videos are a click away.

It’s hard work to find rest.

After the six days of creation, Genesis tells us that on the seventh day, God rested. This rest is a rest of quiet, peace, and satisfaction. God looked at what He did and was pleased. He rested from His work. This rest was more than just not working, it was a contented peace.

In order to rest well, to be quiet and peaceful, you have to have worked well. You have to know you did a good job and are satisfied with the results.

This is easy for God to do; He’s perfect! We blow it all the time. We can look back at the week and know that we didn’t do everything heartily as unto the Lord. We know we are still hung-up on many things our flesh struggles with.

One of the reasons we are so busy and surrounded by so much noise is because we can’t handle being still, quiet, and peaceful with ourselves, because we know we fall short.

Part of this is human nature, but the real issue is that we’re not concerned with doing God’s will at the time of decision, even if we bash ourselves afterward for not doing it.

We have regrets. We made mistakes. Our sleep is interrupted with second-guessing. How can we rest when we have to fix everything we destroyed?!

Jesus Christ offers true Sabbath rest. His rest is wrapped up in His intercession. But His rest isn’t, “You messed up, but Jesus will fix it” mental happy thought either. It’s much deeper.

By the power of the Gospel we are raised up to newness of life where we grow into spiritual maturity. As one grows spiritually, one will do God’s will more frequently, and rest and peace become more regular.

Do not expect peace if you aren’t obeying! With the Gospel comes the Holy Spirit, He who can guide, teach, and empower us to do God’s will. We’re not on our own. If we were, peace and rest couldn’t possibly be offered in any real sense.

Through the Gospel, we have everything we need to do what God says. When we pull it off, His peace will be experienced. This isn’t my theory either, this is the Apostle Paul:

Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

Do these things and the God of peace will be with you. Perhaps you think I’m preaching works righteousness or legalism now. Nope. I’m not. I’m quoting a verse!

There is a reason you don’t have peace, just as much as there is a reason you can have peace. Peace and rest come from Christ. Peace is experienced when we utilize all that Christ is for us.


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