My Brain on the Internet: Doritos Trump, Grave Sucking, and My Son’s Athletic Endeavors

I watched this video and sort of agreed with his point until his happy, happy Christian ending. “We have the kind of life the world can only dream of” seems off to me. Paul said if there is no resurrection we are of all men most miserable, that all who live godly will suffer persecution, and Jesus said we’re supposed to deny ourselves and take up our cross. There is a reason the world rejects biblical living! I think his happy view of Christianity shoots his whole point in the foot. What he ends up saying is that Christianity is the extremest extreme buzz ever, which defeats his point that looking for the extreme buzz gets us in trouble. Ecclesiastes says everything is vanity, not extremely awesome. Our affections are on things above, which is why we don’t get sucked into extreme feelings of happy toward much of anything on this earth.

Grave Sucking is apparently a thing in Christianity now. When a person who had spiritual powers in their life dies, you can go to their grave and get their spiritual power, or mantle, from them to use in your own life. This is done by laying hands on their gravestone or lying on their grave. Oh dear Lord, come quickly.

My son had a baseball game yesterday. He was 1-3 and pitched an inning and a third and gave up no runs and one hit. His team, the Brewers, won 3-1. He and I are running a half-marathon in Eagle River, WI tomorrow. He is going to destroy me. I am proud of him.


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