The Golden Calf of Evolution

After Israel was released from bondage in Egypt, Israel’s leader, Moses, went up to talk to God. He took forever. Israel got impatient and demanded a replacement god to worship since they didn’t know what had become of old God’s guy Moses.

Aaron, like many thrust into leadership, tried to keep the people happy. He gathered their gold, melted it, and formed the gold into a calf to worship.

Upon giving Israel their new god, Aaron said, “These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.” Israel got happy and had a party while worshiping their new god.

This is the ridiculousness of human nature on display in idol worship. Modern people mock these odd idolatrous ideas of those uncivilized yokels of the past. Yet our age has just as many golden calves.

Ironically enough, atheistic evolution is one of these idolatrous golden calves. It’s as if Charles Darwin paraphrased Aaron, “Behold your god, natural selection, who saved you from non-existence.”

We attribute creative powers and foresight to a non-rational, chance process. Evolution has now spawned the new atheist religious movement.

Observing the religiosity of the new atheism is one of the more comical events happening around us. I am fully expecting them to have a hymn book soon.

In the end, the ridiculousness of attributing salvation to a golden calf was a giant smack in the face to God who truly did save.

Imagine the slap in the face God gets when we conclude all His work was just random chance. I do not wonder why there is a hell; I wonder why people fight so hard to go there.

Imagine how judgment day will go when people stand there having concluded that their existence was due to random chance. Concluding that there is no sin, only genetic predisposition. Defending the trustworthiness of Bill Nye over Jesus Christ.

The Bible contains things that are hard to believe. But the Bible also reveals human nature, and I find its depiction very believable. There is nothing new under the sun. The Golden Calf has many forms, and its worship continues today.


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