Edification Eliminates Drama

If your biggest concern for a person was their salvation and edification, it would be next to impossible to invent drama with them.

This is my summary of Romans 14.

Just because we disagree in applying Scripture doesn’t mean we’re enemies, nor does it mean I have to get mad at you, or fix you, or tell you off, or anything.

I can just keep my decision to myself before God and do things that edify you.

Sin is a taboo subject these days. To label something a sin is to be judgmental and mean, probably even bigoted. While we’ve stopped being bothered with sin, we have begun being bothered about everything else. It is OK to confront sin at times; it is not OK to confront people merely because they have different opinions.

People have different opinions than you do, and this is OK.

If your main goal in life is to save souls and see them grown into Christ, why fight so much? Why get mad at inane things?

How does getting mad at someone for some perceived slight achieve edification? How does taking your ball and going home any time someone says something different from you help save souls?

There are things in life to fight for. There is truth to stand up for. We need better discernment in detecting when this is the issue. The number of hills worth dying on is quite small. Pick the right hill.

Truth does not necessarily equal “everything you believe.”

You are dead with Christ. Your life is hid with Him. You have no pride left to offend. Chill. Relax. Trust God and the Holy Spirit to correct people. He’s the one who heals the sick. Point people to Him and stop creating drama with people.

We’re not in junior high anymore.

Christ picked the right hill to die on. Go and do likewise.


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