How Jesus’ Political Campaign Differs From Current Campaigns

We have been in the midst of political campaigning for what seems like two years now, and we’re not even in the actual presidential race yet!

As much as I try to ignore it, I am surrounded by political news. I used to be a political person, getting involved, fired up, angry, elated, voting early and often, and even attended a protest rally or two in my day.

I got tired. I also started reading the Bible.

The world is a giant distraction, pulling you into materialism and fighting for your stuff. Politics is a giant fight for stuff. “After these things the nations seek.” “You war and fight because you have not.”

I was pinning my hopes on guys to go get me stuff, to solve my problems, and God took a back seat.

Jesus Christ came into this world as the King of Kings, yet He did not come as a politician: He came with authority. He didn’t need our votes; He merely stated who He was. His campaign differs wildly from Trump and Clinton.

  1. Jesus doesn’t need votes. Jesus declared He was the Son of God. He was not in a popularity contest. He was stating His authority and making demands. That being the case, He didn’t need to sugar coat, spin, or lie to impress people. Quite frankly, He left it up to you whether you would join His Kingdom or not. He doesn’t need supporters; He’s God in the flesh.
  2. Jesus didn’t need the System. Politicians constantly tell us they are outsiders, while then relying on all their connections to buy votes. No politician wants to be known as a career politician. Jesus not only doesn’t need the system, He constantly ignored the system. Jesus spoke very little about government. It was almost as if it were irrelevant to Him, because it was.
  3. Jesus alienated everyone. Jesus was not into getting the “Christian vote.” He didn’t need the government system, nor did He need the religious system. For all the ignoring He did of government, He flat-out attacked religion. He took time to talk to people and inevitably brought up their sin and need of a Savior. He offended pretty much everyone at one point or another.
  4. Jesus did everything for His Father, not the crowds. Jesus seems unconcerned about His reception, His poll numbers, as it were. He was on a mission, and acted as one who knew already how it would turn out. He acted and spoke out of a higher calling.
  5. Jesus spoke more than soundbites. Yes, Jesus has some pithy sayings oft-repeated. But to truly understand His teaching, you need more than soundbites. He spoke words of life. He spoke His Father’s wisdom, much of which passed understanding. People had a hard time tracking with Him. He seemed to enjoy throwing out the “eat my flesh and drink my blood” sorts of comments, merely to annoy and sort out His true followers.
  6. Free food and medical care. Jesus rarely talked about providing these, but He did provide them regularly! Several times He was upset with crowds for only wanting stuff and yet not wanting Him nor His words of life. He did these things to show His Kingdom and His Power. Every politician since has talked non-stop about these things while providing neither.

Jesus was His own man. He is no politician. He does not need a mandate given by the people. The people need to obey His mandate! He is God!

Why doesn’t any politician follow His lead? Because people crucified Christ! His campaign was a failure. His campaign manager should have been fired!

Ah, but wait til next time!

I long for the day when my God and King will reign supreme and all fighting and politicking among the nations will cease forever. I long for the solid, hopeful, happy ground of an eternal reign.

Even so, come quickly.


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