People With No Attention Spans Can’t Think About God

Here’s the latest article about how the internet and constant entertainment is killing our brains and our ability to concentrate.

The more entertained we are the more entertainment we need in order to feel satisfied . The more we fill our world with fast-moving, high-intensity, ever-changing stimulation, the more we get used to that and the less tolerant we become of lower levels.

Our attention spans are now thought to be less than that of a goldfish (eight seconds). We are hard-wired to seek novelty, which produces a hit of dopamine, that feel-good chemical, in our brains. As soon as a new stimulus is noticed, however, it is no longer new, and after a while it bores us. To get that same pleasurable dopamine hit we seek fresh sources of distraction.

It has always been hard to get people to think. It’s becoming more difficult. Thinking requires silence and time; two things we won’t endure.

It is no surprise that we are unable to have civil conversations about deep subjects. Deep subjects require deep thinking. It’s easier to sound-bite and ridicule than it is to think along with someone.

God gave us a book, one of the more boring mediums of communication ever invented. It won’t interrupt you. It doesn’t flash or sparkle. It just sits there, waiting for you to read it and think about the words on the page.

No videos. No pictures. No links. No cute memes.

Just words on a page. Words of life patiently waiting to be read.

Is God a total moron for not picking a better medium to get our attention? Or is He merely demonstrating how much we really don’t care?

Entertainment has its place. Living in a cave isn’t the answer. The answer is moderation. The answer is being quiet for stretches of time.

Our entertainment saturated society is increasingly denying the existence of God. Coincidence?

“Be still and know that I am God” wasn’t said on accident. Satan is a deceiver, and the main point of his deception is to distract you into hell.

He’s winning. He owns the broad road.

Have to stop writing. Have to go play Candy Crush now.


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