Consistent Christianity Is More Loving than Consistent Atheism

Evolution is based on the concept of the strong surviving while the weak get weeded out. Charity has very little place in the evolutionary mindset.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t charitable evolutionists. There are, mainly because just about everyone is hypocritical in logically living out what they say they believe.

However, what should be noticed is that Christianity has always been involved with medical care, orphanages, charitable works, etc.

Been a while since an atheist non-profit made any news with their charitable contribution to the suffering.

I have volunteered at our local food pantry for about ten years now. I have worked with many people there. I have worked with Catholics, Lutherans, and some evangelicals. Have yet to meet any atheists volunteering at the food pantry.

Sure, that’s anecdotal evidence, but it’s anecdotal evidence that fits with larger statistics.

Evolution is a compelling explanation only to those who want to do their own thing. It’s a system of power. It’s lived out in pride.

Sure, evolutionist atheists (for some reason) think it’s good to help the poor. That’s why most of them vote for Big Government parties.

Again though, they want government to take care of the poor, the same government that will manipulate the poor so the government types can stay in power. Watch every single atheistic form of government and what they do to people.

Tragic stuff. But the atheist has no god, therefore they need a powerful entity of some sort to trust in, campaign for (otherwise known as evangelism), and feel like they are part of something bigger.

In the end, they just want to do their thing without any purpose, meaning, or guilt heaped on them from someone else. They define their meaning and purpose. They then ultimately decide that their purpose is to live self-centered lives.

Charity only makes sense through the Gospel. God, the ultimate power, humbled Himself, suffered for the weak, powerless creation that need saving. The all-powerful God died for all-weak humanity. The strong gave up all for the weak.

Charity is completely consistent with Christianity. It is worlds away from evolution–the powerful will prevail and continue to get more powerfully efficiently awesome the more time passes and the weak are eliminated.

Non-involvement in charity is not a coincidental thing for atheists, it is consistent with what they believe. The only charity they do is somehow tied in with government, or some sort of power-structure.

This is not to say there haven’t been people under the guise of Christianity who haven’t been power-hungry and manipulative with their charity. There have been plenty.

But this is not consistent with the Gospel, with fundamental Christian logic.

The one who warps Christian logic will become non-charitable; the one who sticks consistently with evolutionary/atheist logic will be uncharitable.

The charitable atheist is the abnormality, just as the non-charitable Christian is the abnormality.

Consistent Christianity is a beautiful thing. Consistent evolutionary atheism is a dreadful monster.


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