C S Lewis on Anger

It appears as though we are living in the midst of an angry world. Everyone is mad about something. Yelling, screaming, violence, name-calling, and other manifestations of anger abound.

What’s a guy to do?

The Bible famously says, “Be angry and sin not. Let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” Can a person be angry and not sin?

I think so, and I think the world provides many opportunities for such wrath. If blatant sin and evil do not make you angry, there is something wrong with you.

“Thus the absence of anger, especially that sort of anger which we call indignation can, in my opinion, be a most alarming symptom. And the presence of indignation may be a good one.”

C. S Lewis said that. He’s a wise man. He once wrote about anger in relation to Hitler’s atrocities going on around him. You can read more about his opinions on anger if you click here.

Jesus Christ was angry many times. Granted, His anger was pure and He knew how to express it rightly. We often don’t. Often our anger is more personal affront, or frustration.

You should be careful with anger. It can ruin you. But there are times for it. Pick the season wisely.


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