Walking Helps Creative Thinking

Stanford put out a study showing that walking increases your creative thinking.

The study found that walking indoors or outdoors similarly boosted creative inspiration. The act of walking itself, and not the environment, was the main factor. Across the board, creativity levels were consistently and significantly higher for those walking compared to those sitting.

I like this. I walk all the time while coming up with sermon ideas and going over things. I pace up and down the hall and around my room and down to the lake and around the block and all over.

Our brains need quiet, the ability to rest. During this time it’s amazing how many things come together in the brain. I think walking, running, or biking are great times for your brain to chill and put some things together.

It’s also interesting how often the Bible talks about walking and running. The Christian life is not described as sitting, but fighting the fight, running the race, and walking in the light as He is in the light.

Your brain needs you to move. Go move.


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