4 Thoughts on the Problem of Good and Atheism

One of Atheism’s attacks on God is the fact that evil exists. Everyone is cool, apparently, with a God who just makes good things happen all the time for everyone.

God’s sovereignty seems wonderful when things are going well. We can even see this in our present, evil age. When good things happen, people often exclaim, “Thank God!”

Many an athlete thanks God when they win, but I’ve yet to hear one thank God when they lose. Apparently, the argument here is that everyone would believe God existed if everything was good.

2) So, if the existence of evil means God doesn’t exist, let’s theoretically pretend evil doesn’t exist. If God were lavishing goodness on us non-stop, then everyone would believe in God, according to this idea. I find this flip-side argument hard to believe. Consider:

According to the Bible, the Garden of Eden was perfect. People had everything they needed and then some. Yet man rebelled.

According to the Bible, Israel was near earthly perfect under Solomon, and yet Israel rebelled.

According to the Bible, there is coming a time of blessing on this earth that has never been seen before. Yet one again, despite the abundance of goodness, man will rebel once again.

One gets the idea that God is indeed good; it is man who is the problem.

3) The Bible says God is good, this is what leads people to come to Him. Man is the one who thinks and does evil continually. The pain and suffering that are in the world are a result of us rejecting a good God; it’s not God’s refusal to be good. No matter what God does, how good He is, people will still have a problem with Him and rebel.

4) OK, so God, who is good, blames all evil on people who are bad. People, who are bad, blame all evil on God, who is good. So, who do you trust? I’ve been with people long enough to know I don’t trust them.

The Problem of Evil does not disprove God, nor is it true that the Problem of Evil has no defense. There are reasons for evil, God tells us several of them in the Bible. The question then, as always, boils down to faith: Do you trust His word, or do you trust the philosophies of Man?

Look at what happens when people listen to God as opposed to what happens when people listen to people. Thousands of years of human experience have passed for us to get a solid ground for making this call. When people listen to God things go much better.

The unexamined problem of our day is the Problem of Good. Why can’t we handle good? Why do we rebel against God even though He is good? Why do people rebel when God has surrounded them with goodness? If all things are determined by an unseeing process of survival, why is there good? Why doesn’t the existence of Good prove the existence of God, if the existence of Evil means God doesn’t exist?

If both good and evil exist, we must assume goodness came from one source and evil from another. The Bible tells you the source of each. Do you believe it?


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