4 Thoughts About the “Problem of Evil” and Atheism

Romans 1 says there is no excuse to miss God. According to the Bible, God has made Himself obvious.

I think the Bible is correct. Of course, there are many who persist in not seeing the obvious, but if you know anything about human nature, this is not surprising.

The fact that you want it more obvious, doesn’t mean it’s not obvious.

The extent to which it is not obvious to you, is probably the extent to which you are listening to people.

Many atheist-leaning people throw out their judgments on God, the Bible, Creationism, religion, etc. Sure they can make some logical sounding points. But the fact that they may have some logical sounding points means nothing in light of what God said.

God said He revealed enough of Himself. Man disagrees. Guess who is right?

2) I think even atheists know God is obvious, that’s why they pull out the Suffering Argument–If there is a God, why is there so much pain and suffering?

This is an interesting argument in that it assumes God is good! Not only are atheists in a sense admitting there is a God to question, they are also showing inherently that God is good!

By finding a “flaw” in God’s character, they then conclude God doesn’t exist. Which is somewhat mind-boggling.

3) There is also an assumption that since they can’t figure out why God allows evil, there must be no solution. This is arrogance, plain and simple.

I can’t figure out why there is electricity, but there is. The fact that my mind doesn’t understand it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

God allows evil and suffering. The Bible can help you answer why. The answer may not satisfy you, it may not be as complete as you desire, but if God is good (the atheist’s underlying assumption), then I think we can trust Him that He has a good reason for allowing it.

4) One reason there is pain and suffering is because of the results of our sin. Why is it that when we wonder about the origin of pain we blame God? God clearly says death entered because we rebelled against the Giver of Life.

The simple arrogance of man. Surely it can’t be our fault.

There is also a clear note in Scripture that God doesn’t like pain and suffering any more than we do. If we are outraged by the results of our sin in creation, imagine how upset God is about it.

Yet many who find fault with God allowing evil, are the same people who find fault with God’s punishment of sin and hell.

In the end, it is clear that many don’t like God no matter what He does. Which is why you shouldn’t listen to people. Stick with God and His Word. Trust Him. He’s smarter than you.


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