Bill Nye’s Science Botches Philosophy and Religion. Here’s Why.

I came across an article about an interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy about Philosophy.

Nye has said some awful things about religion over the years as a spokesman for the hip scientific-atheism group.

What is interesting about Nye, is that not only is he misinformed about religion, he has also recently upset philosophy people too.

Nye, in his science fixation, belittles all other fields. He is a fine Utilitarian–one who stresses utility over other values.

In his stress of utility, he demeans all other “less useful” modes of thought, such as religion and philosophy.

Nye is stuck in materialism. The Scientific Method is the only way to find Truth. Truth then must be defined as “stuff the Scientific Method proves.” Which then means truth can only exist in material things that can physically be examined with the Scientific Method.

Therefore, since philosophy and religion can’t be empirically tested, they are useless and we shouldn’t waste our time on them.

This the material world is the only world way of thinking is taking hold on a generation of young people who value the words of scientists over any other sources.

Science cannot answer philosophic questions, nor can it answer religious questions. Part of the Scientific Method also assumes that science should continue to test its own answers, because science doesn’t always answer science questions well!

Science has its place in the world and has done many wonderful things for our lives. Science cannot answer all your questions though. There’s no way it can. We are more than just material creatures in a simply material world.

There are bigger things out there. Bigger questions. Don’t let science limit your questions, nor your answers.

UPDATE: Here are a few more takes on Nye’s problems with philosophy:

Bill Nye’s Philistine Materialism–“Atheists like Nye, Tyson, or Hawking should be more circumspect if they want to retain any credibility in their public statements. When it comes to discussing all but the most technical questions in science, this kind of philistinism should be grounds for dismissal.”

Bill Nye Embarrasses Himself–“Nye sounds like old Uncle John discoursing on the “big issues” after six beers, except he is stone sober.”


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