PLOSONE Journal Retracts Science Article for Mentioning a Creator

A recent paper on the mechanics of the hand is causing many a scientist to get hot and bothered.

In the opening sentences of the study, it claims the link between muscles and hand movements is the product of “proper design by the Creator.”

Later, it says human hand coordination “should indicate the mystery of the Creator’s invention,” and concludes by again claiming the mechanical architecture of the hand is the result of “proper design by the Creator.”

God forbid. Ha. See what I did there?

Other comments on the paper called its publication “unacceptable”, and criticised the “sloppy job” done by the reviewers and editors. Some scientists said the journal should be boycotted unless amends are made.

One of the editors of the journal threatened to resign if the article was not retracted. Some of the scientists are from China and claim the “Creator” bit was a problem with translation.

“Indeed, we are not native speakers of English, and entirely lost the connotations of some words such as ‘Creator’. I am so sorry for that.”

They insist the Chinese word intended was “nature” not “creator.” As one who knows about translation errors and difficulties in the Bible, going from one language to another is difficult, so this explanation may be valid. They may also just want to keep their reputation.

Here is another article talking about the issue of translation and the white male atheist/science community being too isolated to understand cultural idioms. They play the Racism Card. It’s an interesting take as well.

Another editor said, “There is no room in the scientific literature for Intelligent Design. This is more than just a ‘language issue’.”

Dismissing out of hand a possible conclusion seems to be contrary to the scientific method, but alas, this is modern science. A bunch of highly educated, lab coat wearing, pitchfork wielding, over sensitive, white guys.



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