The Sound of Music and Other Gateway Drugs

I heard a theology professor discuss his upbringing in a conservative Reformed church and the rules he was told to adhere to.

He mentioned that it was wrong to go to movies until The Sound of Music came out in 1965. This movie apparently demonstrated that movies could be decent, wholesome, and good.


It changed everything. Now they were allowed to attend movies!

The Sound of Music was a sort of gateway drug in his adolescence. It made movie-going OK. Surely movies can’t be that harmful, they might, like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, even be one of your favorite things!

I endured this movie several times as a kid. I don’t know why, but it seemed like it was on multiple times a year and each time I was forced to watch it.

If anything, The Sound of Music may be single-handedly responsible for making movies one of my least favorite forms of entertainment.

Satan is a deceiver. He endeavors to make us think that sin is mostly harmless. If he can get you to let down your guard, who knows what sins he can pull past you before you’re even aware of what’s going on.

How many of the modern day “Christian” themed movies are nothing more than a marketing ploy to get money from Christians to support other sin-filled entertainment companies? How many of these films make Christians more comfortable going to movies? It’s no big deal. Only legalists don’t go to movies.

There is nothing unclean of itself, but all things can be used in a sinful way. Some Christians still consider going to movies a sin no matter what movie is playing. Others are fine with it. Let each man by fully persuaded in his own mind remembering your stand before the Lord.

As for me, I will never watch The Sound of Music again because I love Jesus.


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