Lowest Recorded Body Temperature by a Living Person

The human body typically maintains a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Through a series of beautifully designed processes, the body tries to maintain this temperature despite environmental challenges.

Shivering is a typical response to cold as your body works to get blood moving. Goose bumps form as little air pockets to add insulation. Your blood flow will dilate or constrict in an effort to save the body.

Hypothermia sets in if the body temp drops to 95 degrees.

Which begs the question: What is the lowest recorded body temperature of all time? I’m so glad you asked.

56.7 degrees! That’s the lowest body temperature recorded by a surviving victim. She was a skier who fell through the ice and was rescued after 80 minutes. She survived with only some permanent nerve damage.

The previous record was held by an anonymous homeless woman found sleeping on the streets of Chicago in -11 temperatures. She was thought to be dead, but a faint heartbeat was detected. Her core body temp was 64.

The body is an amazing thing. So fragile, yet so resilient. A marvel of creation.


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